You asked me once
I wonder what it feels like to burn

I pressed my lips to yours
As a reply

Swallowing the gasp
that escaped your cupids bow

Tongues tangled
Hearts beating

I breathed inside you
And spoke inside your mouth

Answering your question
And more.

I poured every unspoken feelings
And thoughts

Every breath
Every touch

Every hope
And more

Wishing that like fire
I will burn you to ashes

And like fire
You will turn me into nothing

Scattering my remains
To the vast dark abyss

The wind howling your name
As it piece me back together

My hands finding yours
Caressing. Soothing

Burning you
With every touch

Until like me,
You will turn into nothing

Until like fire
You too will light the world

Losing every essence
And every thought you ever had

Finally scattering into oblivion
Being nothing and everything

Before like the wind,
I’ll gather your pieces

Every atom, molecule
Every particle of you

And putting them back together
Like you once did with me.

Until you and I
Shall be the same

Both burning
And turning into nothing

Rising from the ground
Full of scars and wounds

Blood dripping onto the soil
Drowning everything in misery and joy


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