“You said you liked storms. So I let you in. Turns out you can only handle a little rain, And I am a hurricane.” – Unknown


Umuulan. Naiisip kita
Naiisip ko ang iyong mga mata.
Matang kapag ako’y tinitignan
Pakiramdam ko’y ako lang ang mahalaga.


Nalulunod ako sa iyong mga matang
Sinlalim ng karagatan

Tinatangay ng bawat paghampas
Ng mga along marahas

To The Girl Who Felt So Alone

I asked you. You said you were doing fine. You smiled at me and laughed. I watched you tuck a piece of your hair behind your ear, with that big smile still on your face. You took your mug from the table and wrapped your hands around them. I watched you took a sip, closed your eyes for a few moments as if savoring the taste of your cappuccino. You asked me how I was, told me you missed me and said how happy you were that we had a chance to talk.

A Foolish Dream

You breathed air into my lungs
and laughed
as I choke on smoke.

Monster Within

I am you
You are me
We are not one
But I am what you see.


You asked me once
I wonder what it feels like to burn

I pressed my lips to yours
As a reply

Swallowing the gasp
that escaped your cupids bow